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Uncover the potential additional revenue you can generate while providing branded photo souvenirs to your guests with our powerful self-service software.

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Photo Pass Upsell

Boost revenue with photo pass sales, letting guests capture and cherish their special moments.

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Staff as Photographers

Maximize resources by empowering existing staff to capture memorable moments without hiring or training additional photographers.

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No New Equipment Needed

Save costs and hassle by leveraging the devices your staff and guests already have, eliminating the need for expensive new equipment.

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Branded Digital Photo Gallery

Delight guests with a personalized gallery of branded digital photos, capturing the magic of their experience and creating lasting memories.

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Easy Download & Sharing

Enable convenient photo download and sharing, allowing guests to extend your attraction’s reach through organic social sharing.

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In-Depth Operational Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your attraction’s performance through comprehensive analytics. Track visitor behavior, engagement, and key metrics to optimize operations and drive growth.

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Happy Snappy’s photography solution has seamlessly integrated with us, positively impacting both our relationship and sales performance. Guests feel fully immersed in our experience. We anticipate Happy Snappy’s ongoing evolution.

Craig Allenby
National Zoological Gardens of South Africa

“Happy Snappy Lite’s A.I Tech to insert different backgrounds without needing a Greenscreen revolutionised our operation at Wet n Wild and the outstanding level of customer engagement speaks for itself with more than 100 000 images downloaded and shared in a matter of months.”

Jonny Gardner
uShaka Marine World

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo is delighted with the services, as Happy Snappy as a company is innovative and very responsive to the needs of their partners.

Louise Gordon
Johannesburg Zoo

The expertise displayed and the level of commitment of the Team surpassed our expectations and set up the platform for success within the park. This passion was clearly evident in their performance

Neville Pillay
uShaka Marine World

From a business point of view, Happy Snappy has added significantly to our bottom line.. we are extremely happy with our working partnership with them and have been more than pleasantly surprised as to the ease and simplicity of implementation.

Sabine Lehman
Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

The operation and solution developed and implemented not only enhances the experience of our guests but also delivers us a very welcome Financial return. I can certainly recommend The Happy Snappy Photo Company as an integral and professional partner.

Michael Farquhar
Two Oceans Aquarium

We are very satisfied with their service and performance. The advantage of Happy Snappy is that they provide a seamless integration into the tourism experience and enhance your customer’s experience within the attraction while building your profile and brand.

John Elliott
Wheel of Excellence

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Registering your Happy Snappy account is free

Leave your contact information below and we’ll get in touch to guide you through the process. Thank you for choosing our app!

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