How it works

Happy Snappy Lite will increase your revenue, maximise profits and help scale and market your business virally, locally and globally.

For Business

Attractions need money

Not having a photo souvenir system means attractions are missing out on a major revenue source. Happy Snappy Lite has been built to remove the barriers and take the pain out of running a photo system. Happy Snappy Lite enables any attraction to deliver a far better guest experience without large capital outlays, receiving instant financial returns.

  • Unlimited photographs
  • No commission
  • No expensive equipment
  • No contracts
  • Unlimited designs
  • Active interaction
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Setup projects and templates in our easy to use cloud based system

It’s Free to sign up, create your projects in the dashboard and upload your designs. You as the business only purchase the QR codes you need! No additional hidden costs.

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Simply purchase and download the Happy Snappy Lite QR codes on our system

The QR codes can be printed onto keyrings, lanyards, wrist bands, tickets.. or simply applied to existing media as stickers.

Activate your project and invite your team members/photographers

Now you are ready to start making money!

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Provide your guests a VIP photopass

Supply these with the Happy Snappy Lite QR Codes on arrival using one of the following methods:

  • Build the Photo pass into the ticket price
  • Upsell a Vip photo pass on arrival
  • Allow Guests to purchase online via our built in e-commerce platform during or after the experience
  • Provide a Free Photo Pass to guests to boost your marketing reach!

Sit back and watch your project reporting dashboard in real time

Monitor your photo quality, customer engagement, employee productivity, e-commerce revenues, online sharing stats, apply instant template changes and more.

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Still not convinced? Talk to us.

Contact us to find out how your business can benefit from Happy Snappy Lite.